The Rabbits

The Rabbitry

Here's our hutch! It's 9' wide, 34" deep, and 6.5' tall. The cages are from KW Cages and they are 8' wide, 30" deep, 18" tall with baby saver flooring and sides.

The trio of breeders stay on top in separate cages with a solid partition between the buck and the does. The cages on the bottom are for the kits who have been weaned.

The black concrete mixing bins under each cage is where we collect our black gold aka rabbit poop to use in our garden.

The water system is a 250 gph pump with 2 nipples in each separate cage, It is a circulating system. 

During inclement weather, we have a tarp that rolls down to keep them protected.


The Rabbits

Meet our Trio

We have Thor who is our very friendly and happy buck. He loves chewing the bark off of sticks and pinecones.

Cocoa is one of the does. She was named by the youngest of our two chicks. She is very timid and took a long time to get used to being handled. She still isn't very outgoing but she is friendly.

Carrot Cake, named by our oldest chick, is as crazy as she is! She has always been very active and runs up to the door when she sees anyone pass. She loves treats and chewing on the water bowl that we have in her cage during the winter.

The Kits

We try to check on the kits the day of or the day after they are born. It is only in wild rabbit that you want to avoid touching babies, not domestic. We have not had any issues from mom after making sure they are okay. 

We keep the babies with mom until they naturally wean, which is around 8 weeks. After that, they move down to the grow out cages where they stay until about 12 weeks.


Kids & Rabbits

Both of our girls love giving treats to the rabbits that they find like dandelion leaves and greens from the garden. 

My oldest says: "Whenever I come up to the door my rabbit Carrot Cake comes up to the door for pets and nibbles. She loves lots of treats, but not carrots!"

My youngest says: "I love my bunny so much but she doesn't come by the door. Her name is Cocoa and I love her. "

They both know what the rabbits do for our family. They love and care for our breeders and babies while they are here and then look forward to the next set of kits. 

Rabbit Recipes for the Zombie Apocalypse

If we weren't ready before, we are now!

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