Welcome to the Two Chicks Homestead Shop

Homemade or grown items that can ship will be listed in our etsy store above. Occasionally we will have seasonal items like elderbery syrup or maple syrup that may be pick up only or can be shipped directly. Please see our facebook page for posts on when those items are available. 

About Our Products

One of the things I have the most fun doing is using what we grow to make products to sell. 

The comfrey used to make our comfrey salve is grown right out our back door. The leaves are picked fresh and freeze dried right away to lock in all the nutrients and benefits that comfrey has to offer. 

We have two versions of comfrey salve. Tallow based and coconut oil based. The tallow is rendered in our home using beef fat that we get from a local butcher in town, Family Farm Meats. The beeswax I use in both salves is from a local farm also in town, White Barn Farm. Both also have vitamin E added that is purchased commercially. I love that in my small town I can use so many local products and support my local farmers. 

The comfrey steeps in the oil base for at least a week and is packaged directly into tins after straining. If you are looking for a firmer salve, that seems to stay solid even in a warm car, the tallow salve is perfect. Coconut oil tends to soften and will liquify if it becomes too soft. We use both versions in our family frequently. 

In the spring of 2023 we also were able to start selling comfrey roots and crowns. I do a standard bundle of about 10 roots and 1-2 crowns in each order, but I am also able to customize what you are looking for. When shipping, the roots are dug up and packaged in a bag with wet paper towels and shipped out same day to keep them fresh. I include an instruction sheet on how to plant. Once they are established they are very hardy.

Comfrey is also called "knit bone" and has been known to help heal bones. It works so well, that you need to be careful to make sure you use it only after your injury has healed internally. It's great for scrapes, burns and other superficial injuries.

Comfrey is also amazing for your property. Some uses in the garden include:

  • Organic mulch
  • Fertilizer (as compost tea, plant manure, or a nutritional boost for seedlings)
  • Soil conditioning
  • Compost activator
  • Topical application to weak or damaged tree trunks
  • Plant spray/feed

We also make rabbit foot keychains. While we have rabbits for meat, we are slowly trying to use everything we can to show respect for the animals that we use. We have started making dehydrated rabbit ears and pelt braids for pets.