Ham Radio Consultation

Interested in ham radio? 

Got your license but have questions on equipment? 

Bought your equipment and need help setting it up? 

Have questions on a mobile install? 


Book a one hour consultation today and get help from an Amateur Extra Class licensee! This is perfect for anyone new to Amateur Radio! 

I can help you:

  • Figure out what indoor equipment you need. 
  • Study and learn about the different license classes.
  • Learn about different power options (battery, solar, camping/off grid)
  • Set up your equipment to give you the best results

I can also assist with mobile installs, antenna choices, and handheld options

About me:

I was first licensed in 2021 as a Technician, upgraded to General a few months later, then upgraded to Amateur Extra in early 2022! I enjoy making HF contacts all over the globe and have made 353 contacts in 24 Countries so far with 180 of those confirmed by the other party. 

In the last few months I have also gotten into the various digital voice modes like DMR and Yaesu System Fusion.

I have been on Toolman Tim’s Workshop Radio livestream/podcast 3 times. I have also been on the Farmish Kind of Life podcast discussing various ham radio topics. 

I enjoy setting up the radios outdoors while camping and at parks and using solar/batteries. This could be the perfect set up for an emergency situation or general preparedness. 

Prices start at $75.00 for one hour of one on one video conferencing

To schedule please email us at info@twochickshomestead.com

You will hear back from us within 24 hours to finalize payment and get you on the calendar. 


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